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Optional api_key

api_key: undefined | string

Providing an api_key will overwrite the api_key embedded in the client

Optional filter

filter: AddressKeys[]

You can reduce the size of the response payload selecting for only the attributes you want to see

  filter: ["line_1", "line_2", "line_3", "post_town", "postcode"],

Optional licensee

licensee: undefined | string

If the request is made by a licensee, this should be included here

Optional sourceIp

sourceIp: undefined | string

For node.js client only, you can forward an IP address to be rate limited. Useful for backend integrations where the API would only see your application server IP addresses

This header will not be applied on browser requests as IDPC-Source-IP is not listed as an allowed header

Optional tags

tags: string[]

Submit tags to annotate paid API requests for retrieve and aggregation later


  • You may only specify up to 5 tags per API request
  • Each tag must not be longer than 16 UTF-8 characters

Tagging & Metadata API Documentation

Optional timeout

timeout: undefined | number

Overwrite the default HTTP request timeout defined in client


umprn: number

UMPRN to query for